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Full-Service Grooming

At In-N-Out Pet Services we provide everything you need, ranging from a nail clipping to a full service groom (and everything in-between).  Our wonderful and experienced staff are here to help you with whatever you need.

Prices for dog bathing and dog grooming packages are based on breed, condition of coat and time taken to complete the service. While we can do our best to provide an approximate price range over the phone, you’ll get the most accurate quote if we can assess your pet in person.

Service List and Rates

Basic Grooming


Pricing varies by breed.

Our Basic Grooming Package includes:

The groomer discusses the pet’s needs and personality with the client.

A thorough deep-cleaning shampoo massage, using a hypoallergenic formula containing no dyes or perfumes.

A soothing oatmeal-blended conditioner is applied to revitalize the hair and skin and help release dead coat and tangles.

The pet will be carefully hand-dried.

The entire coat is gently brushed and combed.

The nails will be trimmed as short as safety allows.

The ears are cleansed with a mild veterinarian-approved lotion.

Excess hair that may make walking uncomfortable is removed under the feet.

If requested, a slight trim to tidy around the feet.

If needed, the “personal“ areas will be trimmed. Depending on the amount of hair, there may be an extra charge.

The groomer will pay close attention to the condition of the pet and report their observations to the client and note information on the tablet.

Perfumed finishing touches that prolong that fresh “just groomed“ experience (please tell us if you prefer to avoid scents).

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“Pampered Pooch Package — Super Fun Dog Pack”


The “ultimate spa day” for your dog is an upgrade to the Basic Grooming Package and includes:

Premium shampoo and conditioner
Nail smoothing
Gland expression
Nail painting
Fun stencil with color of choice

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Health benefits of grooming

Our groomers also pay attention to your pet’s ears, eyes, pads, teeth, and nails as they can be indicators of wellness. Trimming and cleaning these sensitive areas are important in order to keep your pet comfortable and healthy. Our groomers will even provide you with a report card assessing these areas at the end of your visit. This may help you spot health changes in your dog in between vet visits.

Does someone in your home suffer from allergies? Thorough grooming every 4-6 weeks will reduce dirt and dander buildup so that you can breathe easier and enjoy more quality time with your pet.

How often should my dog be groomed?

While frequency will depend on your pet’s breed, coat type or lifestyle, regular grooming sessions will help your pet to remain a healthy, happy companion to you. We recommend a schedule of once every 4 to 6 weeks to help reduce shedding and allergens as well as to keep your pet looking good and smelling fresh!


Always a great experience for my very furry boy, Oliver! They make bath time a happy experience!

Randip, Cranford, NJ

They always do a great job grooming my little furbaby. She is temperamental and they take their time with her, the staff is amazing and the facility is spotless. I wish I would have found this place sooner! Love them!

Sherry B, Roselle, NJ

Mango is always treated so well here. She is a dog who is fearful of much, but looks forward to her visits. Thank you!

Mike L, Garwood, NJ
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