About Us

A sore back, ripped-down shower curtains, a water-soaked bathroom and clogged drains were just some of the pains endured by Mike Kelly when he'd attempt to wash his 160-lb. Newfoundland, Gordo, in his tub at home. It wasn't long after Kelly went so far as to run hot water out to his garage to create a makeshift grooming area for Gordo that he came across a self-service dog wash in Austin, Texas and thought, "Wow, what a great idea."

For self-service, dog owners come in, have Fido walk up a short plank into a sink area (there are two extra-large sinks for pups of Gordo's size), attach him with one of In-N-Out's padded collars so he can't jump out, and begin washing with a hose that has the shampoo already mixed in. After shampooing, it's a quick switch of the dial to rinse, followed by a blowout with In-N-Out's no-heat, high-velocity dryer.

Grooming services include everything from the basic nail clipping, bath, ear cleaning and trim to options like the Furminator – a shampoo and conditioning treatment plus deep brushing to remove excess undercoat hair. For those who would prefer to leave bathtime to the experts, In-N-Out can also do the washing for you, while you shop North Avenue boutiques or hit the grocery store.